Danielle is a truly gifted healer. When I found her, I was at my wits end with back pain, stress, anxiety, digestion issues, trouble sleeping - you name it. Over the past six months she has been treating me with deep tissue massage, acupuncture and sound nutritional counseling. I am honestly shocked at the difference her treatment has made in my quality of life. My back pain has been minimized, headaches significantly reduced and my general health and well being is balanced and pure. Even if you’re just looking for a little relaxation, you MUST go see Danielle!
— Emily, San Francisco, 2018

I’m lucky enough to have had a lot of massages in my day and have developed a pretty high standard. There are massage therapists who just go through the motions and therapists who are genuinely interested in making you feel better THEN there are therapists who are genuinely interested in making you feel better AND are highly trained. Danielle is one of them.

I’ve never felt such a contrast before and after a massage, I felt like I was on cloud nine afterwards. Long story short, I’m 9 months pregnant and have been searching for a decent prenatal masseuse the entire time and of course it took me 9 months to find her. I’ll be recommending her to every pregnant woman I come upon but fully intend on enjoying her talent post natal as well.
— Alx, San Francisco, 2018

To say thank you just doesn’t feel like enough to sum up the deep and lasting impact you have made on me in the short time I have spent with you. My time with you has been a gift. You have given me the strength to continue stepping into the light of my healing journey. Thank you for always being honest, for always willing to share, and for making me feel embraced for who I am.
— Kamille, Seattle 2016

I recently had a stress test done that showed a heart function of about 30% and the need for two stents which I received. Along with the Western heart procedures and medicines, I used acupuncture and massage treatments from Danielle as complimentary therapy. Danielle was very thoughtful in her approach and implementation of the complimentary therapies I needed. I am convinced that if you have had, or need any procedure in which the human heart is touched or disturbed in any way by Western medicine, you are only partly fixed. So many of my acquaintances have suffered months, years, and even lifetimes not understanding the benefits of complimentary alternative medicine when it comes to the heart. Many people who have had Western heart treatments say things like, “I have never been the same, I am so emotional, or I feel somehow disconnected.” And for me, the truth is, it was all true. However, I decided I was not going to let this be a life sentence for me. I had done some research and soul searching for myself and found out that this phenomenon was far too common among heart patients. I found I was disconnected. My body, mind, and spirit were out of timing much like a car. My favorite personal saying is “humpty dumpty had a great fall and needed putting back together again.” I met with Danielle and gave her my story and together we put together a plan to restore my body, mind, and spirit to its original God settings. Danielle used acupuncture, with a combination of massage therapy and energy work to reset my body’s harmonic and spiritual rhythms. I can honestly say without these therapies I would not be whole again. My heart function is now up to around 55% and am looking for it to get even better. I am now able to do anything I physically, mentally and spiritually desire to do again. I recommend to anyone who is dealing with heart issues of any kind, even if it is a normal cauterization, to check into alternative, holistic medicine to get your body, mind and spirit back in rhythm. Thank you Danielle for your expert and intuitive guidance in making me whole again.
— Charles, Seattle, 2016

Danielle’s acupuncture made my migraine disappear! I have seen her previously for massage and then recently I had a migraine coming on and she suggested doing some acupuncture. When I have a migraine coming on, trying to make it go away with massage, chiropractic, craniosacral or acupuncture has never worked. She started putting in needles and within 15 minutes my headache had disappeared – no medication at all! Seriously unprecedented! After the appointment I kept waiting for it to return but nope – It was Gone! Since then I have sent a number of friends to her for headaches and they have all had great success! She’s amazing and does a cool 2 hour session with massage mixed in that is phenomenal!
— Heidi, Seattle, 2016

Danielle is one of the most talented and most promising body workers I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 14 years. I consider her one of my personal key healthcare team members. Receiving care from Danielle is always an adventure, stretching my awareness of what’s possible. It’s always a great pleasure to be on her table
— Tim, Seattle 2016

You have changed my life. There are not enough words to thank you for giving me my energy, clarity and focus back. Thank you!
— C.S, Seattle, 2017

If anyone is looking to receive acupuncture, I highly recommend Danielle Biechner. I had the honor of receiving her services when she was an intern at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. I am still amazed that I flowed through my menopause with practically zero symptoms. Danielle is very skilled, warm and caring.
— Cenita Johnson, Santa Monica, 2016

I received a beautiful massage from Danielle during the time when my partner and I were trying to conceive. I am certain that the abdominal work and healing meditation she shared with me helped me to achieve pregnancy. As I write this I am 36 weeks pregnant! Since this first massage with her, I have often thought of her prompt to welcome newness – new life and new light – into my life. Not only was it a great mental preparation for conception, it has been a helpful state of mind during these last 8 months while preparing to welcome our child into the world. I am grateful to Danielle for sharing her talents with me during this special time in my life.
— Christy, San Francisco, 11/2013

At 38 I had irregular periods and I wanted to get pregnant. We tried to conceive for 6 months with no luck. The Abdominal Massage work I did with Danielle made a HUGE difference. We had a 4 session series after I had my IUD removed and my periods were coming anywhere from every 2 weeks to every 8?? She helped realign my uterus that was tilted to the L side and help drain congestion there and get things moving. Her touch while gentle was also decisive and deep. She held a calm and solid space for me to do this sensitive and intense work. On our third session I felt my uterus pick up, move over and sit back down, then had intense heat flush down my left leg. We both knew a huge shift had happened and then two days later I Finally got my period after 7 weeks of no period and then two weeks after that I was pregnant! It was amazing and I really do feel I owe a large part of my success to my work with Danielle. She is very gifted at what she does and I highly suggest her work to everyone
— Henrietta, Seattle, 2011
Danielle is a talented healing artist that provided much inspiration for expanding the healing boundaries of Colon Hydrotherapy. Her sessions are magically intuitive and encompass release of the entire body. Danielle’s personal experience with intense detoxification gave her deep insight into the sensitivity of the body during healing crises.
— Kristi Zimmer, LMP, Co-owner of Tummy Temple, Seattle, 2010
Danielle gives the best pregnancy massage in town! I barley feel pregnant right after receiving her work
— E.M, Seattle 2007
Danielle takes the first few sessions to tune into your body and get to know it, listening first. Then, expect that even when she is working on a specific area of the body that she takes the whole body into consideration which provides for a well integrated, powerful experience.
— K.M. Seattle, 2006