We all experience different health challenges at some point in life, big or small, that signal us with signs, symptoms, and times of dis-ease. These signals usually surface to inform us that some sort of change is needed. I am a holistic medicine practitioner that combines formal education in Traditional Oriental Medicine with 15 years of bodywork practice to attune, unwind, and nourish your whole body with effective treatment that gets straight to the point, and gives transformative results.

I was born in Northern California; when I was 10 our family moved to the rugged mountains of Idaho. It wasn’t until much later after moving back to the cities of the West Coast, I began to appreciate the stillness and restful solitude nature offers. Listening to our bodies can be challenging in today’s world. I practice bodywork that offers the tranquility necessary to slow down, listen, and feel our core true selves.



I received my massage training at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2003. After a few years of practice I moved to Seattle where I interned as a colon hydrotherapist at the Tummy Temple. I did extensive training in organ and abdominal massage, specializing in the digestive system and women’s health.

In 2008 I experienced a sudden illness that changed my body, and life, forever. After months of misdiagnosis I was led to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I dedicated my existence to rebuilding my health and life with acupuncture, whole food nutrition, herbs, and education. I was forced to slow down and start listening-really listening-to what my body needed in order to get better. I went on to earn my Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine degree from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California in 2016. My experience with this beautiful medicine has nurtured a profound healing and detoxification process that has given me a deep foundation to draw upon in my practice today.

My work pushes the boundaries of both conventional western and eastern healing modalities. Because my learning experience continues to unfolded through my determination to heal and better myself by traveling straight through my own trauma patterns, the way I put together my tool kit in my services is extraordinary and unique to it’s own experience.