302 Skincare specializes in topical solutions to reverse the signs of aging, acne, and stressed skin. Sourced from organic, animal free, sustainable agriculture, many products exceed 90% organic content. 302 has been the only skincare that has truly healed my lifetime battle with hormonal acne and the early signs of aging that started in my early 30s. Avogen, derived from a rainforest variety of avocado, directly detoxes, heals, and nourishes skin suffering from scarring and chronic inflammation. I recommend drinking plenty of purified water, eating sustainable, organically grown foods when possible, and getting regular acupuncture treatment combined with the 302 Skincare line to achieve the fountain of youth inside and out.

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  • Consultations and 302 Skincare products are available and can be ordered through me at 415-793-2748 or danielle@thewakingdragon.com